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Conoce la Albufera de València

Natural Assets

Beaches, dunes, the forest, rice fields, the lake... these Mediterranean eco-systems are amazing biodiversity hotspots. You will love discovering and learning to interpret these very special environments. With birds that fly thousands of kilometres to use it as a breeding site; fish that can only be found here; insects adapted to life in extreme conditions; centenary trees with vines; bushes and shrubs covering all... L’Albufera is synonymous with diversity! Did you know that in l'Albufera there are carnivorous mammals, halfway between cats and dogs, which are descendants of the pets of the ancient Arab settlers?



Coming to l'Albufera Natural Park means giving the noisy and overcrowded city a miss in favour of open fields and long beaches, tours of the forest, cycling routes or boat trips, watching birds or listening to the sea, having a sandwich in the shade under a pine tree or an all i pebre... what would you prefer?

 Boat trip

Cultural/Ethnological assets

Seeing the towns of l’Albufera gives you an insight into our history: carefully kept orchards, barracas or cottages, the art of traditional fishing, folk festivals and vessels with triangular lateen sails. Remnants of a past in which the living conditions in l'Albufera were those of a wild, unruly place with extremely harsh conditions. There are small villages where everyone knows each other and try to maintain their status as an agricultural-fishing area with which they identify themselves.