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Glossary | L'Albufera de Valencia


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term definition
Dune slacks

In Valencia, a dune slack, or "mallada", is the term used locally to refer to temporary Mediterranean ponds. In the Devesa forest of l'Albufera these are depressions that develop between two large dune systems where the soil is predominantly muddy, causing them to become flooded with rainwater in winter and dry out in summer, creating a great source of biodiversity.

Matas (Partially submerged vegetation)

Shores and thickets in l'Albufera lake made of partially submerged freshwater plants.


A permanent sign placed to set out property or territorial borders.

Mota (Dike)

An earthen dike rising above the water level in l'Albufera lake to separate or divide the "tancats", or plots.