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Glossary | L'Albufera de Valencia


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term definition
Perellonà (Flood)

Winter flooding of the rice fields in the "tancat", or plot, areas next to the lake. The term comes from the name of the town of Perelló. During the Perellonà, on 1 November, the sluice gates to the inlets that connect l'Albufera to the sea are closed until 1 January, causing the field to flood.

Perxa (Pole)

A pole, usually made of wood, that is used to move the boats (or "albuferenc") across l'Albufera by pushing against the bottom of the lake.


A group of tiny beings of animal origin (zooplankton) or plant origin (phytoplankton) present in sea and lake water that constitute the basic food for numerous larger animals.


Areas where rice was planted and kept from March to May when it had grown to measure 20 cm high and was large enough to be transplanted into the fields.